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Tuva Gonsholt

Glass - Skulptur 

Tuva Gonsholt har har vært med i galleriet vårt fra 2015, og et av de sterkest kortene i Skandinavien innen skulpturell glass-kunst.
Det er en stor ære å vise hennes seneste skulpturer i glass: « Skabning I - II»
Størrelse: 10 x 13 x 8 cm. Farge: Svart.

(Vi har også tidiger arbeider av Gonsholt på Kollektive Sommerutstilling 2022.).

I juni 2022 mottok hun Andre Plassen i " Connections 2022/ 50th Anniversary GAS conference in Tacoma,WA.

« I am inspired by insects and other strange creatures. Looking at a bug, a fish or a butterfly, I transform the decorations, shapes or colours of a specimen into something of my own artistic expression.
I usually work with objects in glass. I often use sharp and clear colours, showing temperament and playfulness. I work a lot with the details, such as the light and shadow of clear versus frosted glass, and in various thicknesses of glass. My pieces are often cold-worked with grinding, polishing and sandblasting, to underscore the shapes

and details. The objects can stand by themselves or in groups. My idea is to create objects which are expressive, dynamic and vigorous, but at the same time soft, elegant and feminine – shapes bursting with life.».

T. Gonsholt

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