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Jan Erik Willgohs


I constantly create pictures in the form of paintings. These are at any time connected to what I need to manifestate. In that way they are a diary of the life I live.

Colour is a major tool in my works, together with composition . Even if the figurative element is evident in my works, they are not about figures. That means that the landscapes, although it is the scenery around my home and studio, is only a setting, a metaphore or a scenography for the real contents of the works. As in music. The content is really about emotions and human conditions. In that respect the works are within the context of North-European-Expressionist-Landscape-Painting.

The technique used is rather simple and crude. Still it is most difficult to put the right colour at the right spot and to make the painting work. I start each work with a loose feeling of the work to come. And then gradually the work emerge through a communikation with the canvas. Trees and mountains can emerge and disappear in a prosess that is as much about tearing down as building up.

The materials I use are simple and personal. I use raw pigment (colour-powder) that I mix with binder myself. I also stretch and prime my canvases. All this to control and make the closest possible contact and understanding of the means and materials.

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